MRI Repair

LE3 can provide you with service contracts, paid service, and uptime guarantees on your MRI machines

LE3 has the knowledge and experience to repair all components of your MR suite, from cold heads to compressors for spools and tubes. LE3 can provide MRI moving and installation, preventative maintenance services, and MRI service contracts.

As part of MRI installation and preventive maintenance, leak testing is performed, including the cooling system of auxiliary gas. The helium container has a vent valve of controlled pressure that is tested and verified as the vent valve can be a source of leaks. Through regular service provided by our engineers, LE3 ensures that your Magnetic Resonance Imaging System (MRI) performs to manufacturer specifications with minimal downtime. Our experienced engineers use the latest test equipment to ensure the proper operation of your MR and energy fields. LE3 can also install and provide service to your MR injector and patient monitoring units used in the MR, CT, and Cath Lab suites.