LE3 utilizes NSF accredited technicians to perform testing and certification services throughout the United States and the world. Trust LE3 because experience and training matter.


LE3 provides comprehensive testing, certification, and maintenance services for biological safety cabinets. Our skilled technicians can repair or replace most major brands of equipment. Testing is carried out following standard operating procedures SOPs, updated to comply with federal and international safety guidelines, current Good Manufacturing Practices [cGMPs], and quality assurance procedures.
We certify our customers’ Biological Safety Cabinets to meet NSF-49, OSHA, NIH/CDC, as well as their manufacturer’s specifications.


Tests performed:

  • • Inflow velocity – Ensures a safe inflow to protect the operator and product
  • Downflow velocity – Provides evidence that air flowing through a work area is unidirectional, preventing cross-contamination
  • HEPA filter integrity – checks for leaks or defects in the system
  • Fluorescent and UV light – Ensures that the fluorescent light level prevents fatigue and the UV light is operating properly
  • Airflow visualization – Provides qualitative feedback on airflow direction
  • Site installation testing and alarm calibration – ensure NSF and OSHA compliance during unit installation

Optional tests:

  • Non-viable particle counting
  • Electrical safety tests
  • Testing for pressure decay and cabinet integrity
  • Vibration testing

LE3 has experi­enced NSF Accredited service technicians waiting to help you.