Clinical Engineering / Biomedical Equipment Repair


LE3 offers biomedical equipment repair, clinical engineering services anywhere in the US. Including In-house support, preventive maintenance(PM) and repair services, field service for stand-alone facilities and hospitals, or service contracts to cover a variety of services, including full service, preventative maintenance services, and specialty equipment. Our engineers are friendly, knowledgeable, and BMET certified.

LE3 engineers work to ensure your medical equipment is accurate and safe for clinical use in all healthcare environments. LE3 also offers documentation to comply with regulatory agencies such as TJC, CMS, or state regulators. We also provide documentation for all your medical devices whether or not LE3 maintains the medical equipment. LE3 can help you with all of the biomedical equipment services below:


 What LE3 can do for you

Critical Care
Repair, installation, de-installation, and preventive maintenance (PM) services on critical care systems, including booms and other devices found in the typical critical care area.

Perform preventive maintenance and provide an output checklist to ensure all the features are working on your defibs.

Dental Equipment
Ensure your dental equipment is operating correctly no matter where you use it.

Warming Cabinets
Make sure your warming cabinets operate at peak efficiency by cleaning filters and performing PM service.

Hospital Beds
Keep your beds operating and perform PM service.

General radiology
Maintain your imaging equipment, from repair services and PM service to install and de-install.

Provide repair services, calibration, PMs, and assist with part sourcing.

Infant Care
Maintain your infant medical equipment, cabinet warmers, blenders, radiant warmers, and infant scales. In addition to repair, we can perform PM services.

Patient Monitoring
We offer a range of services on patient monitoring, including system installation and de-install, repair of monitoring systems and individual monitors, as well as preventive maintenance services.

Surgical Tables
Perform repair and PM services on all makes of OR tables.

Electrosurgical Units
Perform repair and PM service for all your ESU’s.

Autoclaves / Sterilizers
Steris support for sterilizers as well as any other vendor sterilizers. In addition, we can install, de-install, repair, and perform PM services.

Infusion Pumps
Perform service on all manufacturer pumps, including repair and PM and calibration services.


Endoscopy Equipment

Medical Gas Flow Meters and Regulators

Exam Lights

Medical Stretchers

Procedure Tables

Exam Tables

Surgical Lights

Surgical Microscopes


Ultrasonic Cleaners

Cart Washers